Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany – Sept 2017

Oktoberfest!!  I have to admit I was a little hesitant to take the girls to Oktoberfest but it was so family friendly and the girls had a blast!  There are a ton of rides for kids and lots of different foods for them to try.  Most of the people do dress up and we did too.  There are many places in Munich that sell everything you need from dirndl dresses to lederhosen.

The beer halls were so much fun and the food is really good.  We had all the different sausages and the kids loved the pretzels.  Unfortunately, I have a gluten allergy so I wasn’t able to enjoy all the different beers, but Matt sure did!  They do have wine though and I definitely had some.  The girls enjoyed bottles of sparkling water so they could join in on the “cheers”! The beer halls are even great with the kids.  They brought them little toys and the girls had a great time dancing to all the music. Some of the beer halls do close to kids at some point in the night.  We went during the day and the halls were very mellow.

I would highly recommend taking your kids to Oktoberfest.  It was a great memory of ours and we will definitely go again if we happen to be in Europe during Oktoberfest.

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